Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Humument

Overall I found this text to present some ccrative approaches to both visual communication and literature. The general arrangement of the words on each space typically curves and jumps around the pages, and the visual connections or bridges drawn between these words contributes to a swinging, lyrical effect in the voice. This was a successful combination of art form and poetry, as one element throughly contributed to the other to produce a cohesive result. Overall the ambiguous and vaguely romantic narrative within A Humument was not the focal point of the text, partly because of the number of pages that diverge from the suggested plot. However, these brief scenes, such as "sixteen portraits.."(page 61) support a more intimate projection of the narrator, or the protagonist to which the voice belongs. Here is also an example where the art evokes dark sense of presence, through the texture and the sinking depth in the imagery, which in turn supports the small point of text in the corner.
As we continue jump to dynamic ideas, the title begins to support the general presence of the text as the reflection fo a human being in all of his scattered details. Yet the visual proves a little distracting in its chaos. On many pages atterns and shapes are haphazardly arranged despite the lack of any visual connection to the poems. Some of the pictures bring to mind the doodles the appear through an anxious state of boredom, or as a means of destraction from the task at hand.
However, Tom Phillips may consciously be undermining man's sincerity that sporaticaly appears through A Humument. This could prove to be a successful literary tool if only the character were defined more or if the images were more consistently adolescent. Overall the scattered visual and poetic elements reveal a dominanting feature in the human conscious with a tone of sarcastic belittlement, to me.